Porcelain Torin Company is one of the largest producers of porcelain products (instead of stone) in Iran. The company started its operations in 1397 with the participation of Italian experts and the use of the most modern Italian production line equipment and Italian raw materials of high quality for producing various porcelain products. During this period, Porcelain Torin Company has been able to market high-grade and quality porcelain products of various sizes by making use of modern technology and reliance upon technical knowledge.

this company, by the privilege of its engineers and experts of this industry, and its close relationship with the scientific and academic centers inside the country as well as in Italy, has been able, along with human resources being provided by professional training, to take an important step to manufacture products of high quality for marketing in domestic and international markets.

All the product manufacturing processes in this company are licensed by Italy, which distinguishes this production unit from other manufacturers. By relying on these facilities, Porcelain Torin manufactures a variety of porcelain products of different sizes range from 20×20 to 80×120 cm for using in the facade of the buildings, interior design and their use in the floor. These products are manufactured and marketed in different forms of polished, ordinary glazed and ordinary polished, rustic and sugar as well as meeting the needs of dear customers.